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Photographer Jeremiah Morris Interview

Vintage meets modern is an easy way to describe the style of Jeremiah Morris, 
let’s get to know him a little bet better…

Introduce yourself

My name is Jeremiah Morris. I am a photographer based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia. I am 23 years old, and I currently am attending James Madison University pursuing my degree in Studio Art.

How long have you been doing photography?

I started with photography in the summer of 2008, so I have been shooting for almost 6 years, but most of that time I wasn’t serious or I was just doing random things with no clear direction. I have been seriously creating for the past two years I would say.

What type of camera do you use? 

I use a Canon Rebel t3i for the digital works, and for my film works I use an old fully manual canon camera. I am anticipating branching out into large format and experimental film works this fall.

What is your ideal camera (doesn’t have to be real)

That’s an interesting question and I don’t really know. I guess it would be something which would allow me to create complete compositions merely from thinking about it, as most of the time the problems I have with concepts come from the fact that reality is something I have to deal with. 

If you had to choose one lens what would it be?

Depends on the shoot, but generally something with a wide aperture range and preferably fixed focal length.

Do you prefer natural light or flash?


Indoors or outdoors?

Again, it depends, but generally outdoors.

Do you like working with models? Can you name your favorite model?
when working with models how can you communicate with the model to get her/him to translate your thoughts?

I do and I don’t like working with models. They are one of the main things I find that hold me back at this stage in my career. Coordinating with someone to get him or her to come to some crazy location and wear something crazy and do something crazy is hard. I’ve been lucky and I’ve had a lot of friends who were willing to go to lengths to help with my art, but eventually I started breaking out of the molds created by only using people I knew, I want to use new people in new ways, but it’s hard to find someone you don’t know and get them to trust you on a level that a model needs to trust their photographer and vice versa. It’s a scary thing for a lot of people. It can be intimidating. The best models I have are not people who can necessarily do a certain thing, but people who are overwhelmingly optimistic and enthusiastic about being in a collaborative art making relationship. I also love people who see it as just that too, collaborative. I want them to offer their insights and suggest something new and help the idea I started with grow into something we both created.

As far as working with models and communicating with them aptly, it is a really hard thing to do sometimes. I think there needs to be some understanding and chemistry between the photographer and the model, not in a romantic way, just in the way that the photographer clicks with the model on some level. It’s hard to explain. I’ve shot with people and from the first frame it is so clear that this person gets what I am trying to do. These people will need little to no guidance. Other individuals I can spend half an hour working on one pose because they don’t understand what I need and I don’t understand how to tell them exactly what to do.


How do you feel about cropping images?

I know there are some purists who think real photography is unmanipulated and you have to be skilled enough to get exactly what you want in camera. I think there is some definite validity to that, but I think like everything, you have to make an artistic choice. If cropping suits what you are trying to say in the work you create, then crop away. But I think shooting blindly with no premeditation into what the final outcome will even remotely look like is something to avoid.

Do you like using actions?

( I assume you mean photoshop actions?) Not really.

Describe your favorite image taken by you. 

I know it may be bad, but I don’t have a particularly favorite photo. I have several hanging in my room, but those always end up there because they are misprints. I go through phases where I am in love with what I am creating, and then I lose interest. I have to live with this work for so long and look at it so much that I start to feel like I’ve never created anything worth interest, and that makes me want to create something new, but also makes me want to never create again on some level. And I must say I share this anecdote not because I want sympathy or praise, but because I think it is something that is common among some artists and I just want other artists in the same situation to know it’s not just them. 

Describe your favorite image taken by another photographer. 

This is hard to answer too. I don’t really have a favorite. I have favorite artists but not necessarily a favorite work, not in photography. There is so much to photography it is hard to compare the beauty of an Ansel Adams with the complexity of the message of a Cindy Sherman.

If you could be anything other than a photographer what would you be?

In a practical setting I would be a psychologist. In an impractical setting I would probably be an Egyptologist or Archaeologist.

What are you still learning? 

Who I am as an artist and what I want to say. It’s been said that we can’t create anything new in art, that every issue has already been tackled in some form or another. That thought is both limiting and incredibly freeing all at once. It makes me feel I should share my version of these issues, things personal to me, and I should try to connect to others through my art on a personal level. Opposite to that I feel I also should make broad statements about the world we now live in and what that means.

If you can photograph anyone or anything in the world who/what would it be?

I would love to go on a trip through America and do a series spanning every state. I would love to try and capture the soul of America in some form.

What movie/play/book/ music inspire you?

Everything inspires me. I guess I will share what most recently has inspired me. The last movie to inspire me was Her, the last book to inspire me was Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn, and the last song that inspired me enough to create something was World Alone by Lorde, and that song inspired most of my Disconnected series. That series isn’t on Flickr, as Flickr doesn’t support gifs. Check it out on tumblr at


What inspires you the most?

I have to say I usually find inspiration in music while driving. I can tune out the real world to a certain extent and just focus on myself, my thoughts, and the concepts I want to explore in my art. That and nature. Nature is so important to me.

How can you describe your style?

All over the place. I don’t know if I have found my style yet. I look at my work and feel like it’s not cohesive, but I don’t know.

Did photography change you? Your vision? The way you see the world? 
If you had magical powers (breath underwater/fly/be invisible) what kind of pictures would you be taking?

I think photography has changed me, it makes me look at the world in a different way. I enter into everything thinking about how it would look through the lens. I see the world for a collection of colors and shapes and cohesion of elements, which makes everything a little more interesting. I can find beauty and value in cracks on the pavement.

If you could meet with any famous person dead or alive who would it be? What would you say or do?

I don’t think it has any effect on my work, but I adore Andy Warhol and would love to meet him when he was in his prime. I would love to chat about art, the art world, and what it means to be an artist.

If someone asked you how can i be you, what would your answer be?

Don’t be me, be yourself.

Name photographers that inspire you the most.

William Eggleston, Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Irving Penn, Richard Avedon, Diane Arbus.

in some of your recent photos, you’ve mixed photography with graphic design, where did that come from? 

It just kind of happened organically. I wanted to abstractly represent the subject matter’s interaction with the modern world, and for me the graphic design represents that. This is especially true of my found images project I’m working on now. I am trying to highlight the intersection of the past with the present and the connotations both of those words have.

your photos seem vintage, classic and romantic, would you call yourself an old soul?

I suppose so. I do love old movies, vintage clothes and furniture, and I have a record collection. I guess in those regards I am an old soul, but I would also say I am really interested in modern thoughts and problems.

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Interview with André Varela

André Varela is a dreamer, talented photographer with so much to share through his beautiful photographs,

I first came across André’s work on Flickr a while ago and became a fan and absolutely loved his collaboration with Tim Andrews, so after contacting André for an interview, he answered few questions, 

here you go :) 


Introduce yourself

My name is André Varela and I am a 29 year old conceptual/portrait photographer from Portugal.

How long have you been doing photography?

I have been doing photography for two years now.

What type of camera do you use?

I use a Canon 6D.

What is your ideal camera (doesn’t have to be real)

My ideal camera would be a medium format camera.

If you had to choose one lens what would it be?

Maybe the 16-35 from Canon.

Do you prefer natural light or flash?

Natural light always!

Indoors or outdoors?

Depends on the concept.

Self portraits or models?

It also depends on the concept.

Do you like working with models? Can you name your favorite model?

I like working with models but I don’t usually work with them. If I had to say, my favorite model is my girlfriend without a doubt. Always ready for my crazy ideas.

Most of your photos are in black and white, do think it’s more effective?

I really love black and white because it gives an “alien” feel to the photos. It is not normal for your eyes to see in black and white and that immediately gives a mystic feeling to an image.

How do you feel about cropping images?

When it’s needed I don’t see any problem.

You seem to have a “thing” for expanded images, why is that?

I love the feeling of empty space. And sometimes it helps me get a scene I can’t get with only one shot.

You do a lot of composites, does that mean you’re a dreamer?

It kinda does. And I AM a dreamer.

Do you like using actions?

I only use actions I create and even that is rare.

If you could be anything other than a photographer what would you be?

Owner of a gallery.

When you first started, how did you learn photoshop? can you name books/ websites that helped you to be where you are today.

I learned through the internet. Youtube is your friend. Also Phlearn.

What are you still learning?

Everything really. We are always learning.

If you can photograph anyone or anything in the world who/what would it be?

I would love to photograph Mickey Rourke and Leonardo Dicaprio, in Iceland.

What inspires you the most?

Music. Always music.

How can you describe your style?

Most people describe it by being dark, nostalgic and sad.

Did photography change you? Your vision? The way you see the world?

Yes. I guess it does to everyone. We all learn to see in another way.

If you had magical powers (breath underwater/fly/be invisible) what kind of pictures would you be taking?

I wish I could teleport. That would be my favorite power.

If you could meet with any famous person dead or alive who would it be? What would you say or do?

I would love to talk with Ghandi. And I would love to eat some seafood with Stephen King.

If your life was turned into a movie what kind would it be? How long would it last? And who’s going to play your character?

Wow…This is a fantastic question. I guess it would be a heroes journey kind of movie. I would love for Leonardo Dicaprio and Bradley Cooper to be in that movie!

How would people describe you?

Funny, serious and mysterious.

If someone asked you how can i be you, what would your answer be?

I don’t think there is a way to be me.

Can you kindly share a before and after :)

you can take this one 

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Catching up with Angela Mary Butler

Angela was one of many talented photographers that I’ve had the opportunity to interview here on my blog, our previous interview was a little more than two years ago! I’ve came to know Angela through Phlearn and I’m happy to say we are good internet pals :)
So lets catch up with Angie… 

A lot have changed since our last interview, it’s been almost two years! and coming from a person that been following your work for quite sometime I have to say I’ve witnessed you grow and seen your style transform beautifully.

So lets talk about school, you’ve recently graduated, how does it feel to finally be done with that?

Thank you Reem! It feels goooood!! Haha, as much as I enjoyed my overall experience of school, the people I met, the experiences I had, etc, I was very excited to get out of there during my last 4 months.

The pressure was on during the last semester of school, creating a portfolio (and the teachers really made the biggest deal ever out of this, if you screwed up - it was the end of your life), printing business cards and promotional pieces, as well as making a grad piece. It was a lot but it was definitely worth it.

It was very relieving to have Portfolio show over, I felt like I had a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. However, graduation itself didn’t feel that way for me, more like a goodbye. But four years later it’s great to have my Bachelor of Design which now just sits on the floor… but you know!!

After I graduated in May, I moved on June the 1st (still in Calgary), and I decided to take a break for a few weeks, and then get right back into everything with a shoot with model Poison Ivy and make-up artist Jenni MacDonald. It’s been a little hard financially, but I’ve figured out a way to survive by modelling actually! It’s all good :)

Studying photography had force you -in away- to experiment different types of photography and create different series, did you love it or hate it?

I understand how people could feel this way about creating any types of work when attending an arts school, however I felt the projects were still relatively open.

One of our teachers last semester did something really cool, where he allowed us to have 3 open projects for the whole semester. We were in charge of who/what the shoot was about, what type of shoot it was… it worked out really great for me, I experimented first with a series of photos with Samantha Hefford, secondly I worked on my bathtub series with friends Miguel, Jenn, and Emilie, and third I created a new film still series: The Shining (yet to be released, trying to find child models!!)

However in another class, a different teacher simply gave us a list of one-liners to pick from to create a photo from, such as: “Dirty Bitch”, “DIY Fashion”, “Make it dirty/greasy”

Both approaches were fun and it was fun to do both in each classes, a little exhausting at times, but fun. The teachers projects were always really interesting, and you can create anything from these ideas anyways, I never found them very constricting.

Tell us about your “shower” series, how did it come to life?

The point of the project for me when I started it back in 2012 was to take photos of something I wasn’t used to. The premise of the creation of this project at the time was, that in my work I’m very used to starting from scratch and really perfecting, and photoshopping my images. This time I decided to strip away all of those things, and leave me with hardly anything to use to my advantage.

In my first year of college I was hanging out with my roommates in residence (rez life) and talking to my roomie Lizz about ideas I had for photography projects, and I told her about how I thought it would be really cool to just take photos of people in the shower. Not sexual, just documenting them in the shower. It’s where we feel most calm, a shower can be so relaxing and of course it’s so intimate, I thought it would be fascinating to photograph.

A couple days later when I was home and Lizz was at the same time, she yelled “Hey mate! I’m getting in the shower now if you wanna take some pictures, yeah?”

So how I went about shooting these, was I went to the model’s house with nothing but my camera and 50mm lens. In terms of photographing them in the shower- whether they wanted to be totally nude or wear underwear was up to them. I wanted them to feel as comfortable as possible, so I made the choice up to them.

The duration of the time that I took the photos was also dependent on the model, however long their shower usually was- was the length of time that I took the photos.

Every model’s photos were different depending on the light in the bathroom, what they chose to wear/not wear, what they did in the shower (sing, brush their hair, shave, etc), and overall it was a very wonderful experience.

Was it awkward to take photos of naked people?

You know before I began the project, I thought it would be, but it wasn’t at all.

My first time photographing for this project was with Lizz as I said, and I remember us standing in the bathroom and I said “I thought this would be weird, but this isn’t weird at all!” And Lizz goes “Yeah I know what you mean! I feel like I’ve been naked in front of you 100s of times!!”

Most of the experiences go just about the same way. People tell me they were a little bit worried at the start, but after a couple minutes they felt right at home. Betsy sang in the shower, Taylor sat down naked and read poetry before hand, and Brianna and Sam left on all of their jewelry.

I’m working on adding more to this project as soon as I can :)

You also took nude self portrait, was it uncomfortable?

Nah! I’ve been uploading photos to Flickr for 5 years now, and I truly didn’t begin to do nude self-portraits until I was completely comfortable. I think my biggest inspiration for nude self-portraits is Miss Aniela, her work in nature is absolutely beautiful.

And after a year in art school…nudity is really no big thing.

In first year I went to my first “life drawing” class, and I drew some (really really bad) drawings of naked people. One time at lunch, there was a group of people wearing nothing but hats and ties and glasses, having a “tea party” in the cafeteria. And another time there was someone covered completely in serum wrap, with a bunch of buckets of different coloured paint around them with a sign that said “Paint Me”

After a year of that it wasn’t too hard for me to take off my clothes in front of the camera :P

One of the most successful series that you’ve created was with Betsy Hinze, what was your main inspiration?

Oh thank you so much! I loved that series with Betsy.. It was a lot of fun! It was created for an assignment for one of my classes where we needed to create a magazine editorial on whatever the heck we wanted.

So I contacted Betsy (who’s my friend and also a fabulous artist!!) and asked if she wanted to shoot with me for this project. Betsy was stoked and we got together at her house to shoot. It was really a collaboration, Betsy told me that she had all of these bugs that she bought at a flea market (haha) and would love to shoot with them. So we got her dressed in the best outfit and went around the house and shot.

I didn’t really go in there with any other huge concept other than “bugs”, and I of course brought flowers to shoot with too. And the blue water in the bathtub was a HUGE lucky mistake!!!! Betsy had just dyed her hair blue the night before, so all of the dye seeped into the water of the tub <3

Some of your photos tend to have a bit of creative humor “the photographer’s assistant” is a great example, where do you get such ideas?

Thank you! That’s one of my favourite photos actually.. Myself and 4 big men hiked up one of the biggest hills in the city, Nose hill to get this picture. It’s funny cause once we got all the way up we realized we forgot like, 1 important thing in the car. One of the guys went down the hill to grab it it was pretty funny. This was inspired by the photo “Raising the Flag on Iwa Jima” by Joe Rosenthal.

I guess in general I try my best to be a funny person when you get to know me. Any one who shoots with me will say that I have a quirky sense of humour and always make them laugh. My dad was always a jokester, and in the worst of any situation he will try and make others smile and laugh. I guess it’s just a part of me that comes out in my photography :)

My personal favorite is the "Blue" series, you take such amazing film stills, is it something you’re passionate about?

Thank you. I am definitely passionate about creating series of photos based on films. These films mean something to me, and have personally affected me in some way shape or form. Requiem for a Dream for example, that film shook me like no other has in my life. It made me cry, it made me scream, it made me laugh a bit (maybe out of insanity) but it’s by the far the most powerful movie I have ever seen. It’s very personal to me.

I love shooting these too. It’s such a process.

I watch the movie a couple times, and I pause and screenshot all of my favourite moments that stand out to me. And then I go on the internet and look up “famous movie stills” and see what others favourites are. I then paste all of these little thumbnail pictures into my sketchbook and pick and choose which ones to create when I’m shooting with the models.

I loved shooting Blue, Requiem, and Sunshine. The Shining is coming up next.

About Phlearn 

How long have you been working for phlearn?

I have been working for Phlearn now for about 2 years now! (what. haha I kind of just realized this myself now, wow!!)

How is it like?

Well, when I started working for Phlearn back in 2012 I applied for an internship where I would potentially have the opportunity to work with Phlearn and Aaron Nace. I got the internship and worked the Summer of 2012 in Chicago with Phlearn. During my time there I would help with photoshoots, recording episodes and even editing episodes, help conceptualize ideas for photoshoots/pro tutorials/episodes, and lots more.

I left in Sept 2012 to finish my last 2 years of school, but when I left I was a part of the ‘hired’ team and no longer an intern. I do interviews with professional photographers and I curate the weekly editions of weekend inspiration.

Is it hard gathering inspirational photos weekly?

Yep. There are so many amazing incredible photos out there, and you know what else is out there? TONS of lists of the “best” photos ever. It’s always hard to pick 25 photos to showcase every week, when you could really showcase 100 a week. But if it wasn’t challenging, there wouldn’t be a point for me to do it.

Curating weekend inspiration kind of makes me think in “portfolio mode”. When organizing the 25 photos in the post I try and organize each edition like it was a different portfolio of images to look at. People probably don’t realize but a lot of the time WI is organize by color scheme and/or theme, and sometimes I go back in and re-arrange the order anywhere from 2-5 times :P

What was your most memorable story of your internship at Phlearn?

Hahaha..I have a few. Going to Ikea with Amelia Fletcher and Jenna Petrone was kind of amazing. I had been to Ikea before, but it was just the funnest adventure ever. Taking pictures near the little tables with our crappy camera phones, and just screwing around. We were there to get desks for ourselves but we got distracted.

Also Aaron singing Kanye West around the studio is always fun (don’t kill me), and DEFINITELY the day Aaron showed up to the studio with a bunch of popsicles and a leaf blower on July 4th to do a “funAmerican july 4th photoshoot!!!!”

Is it hard to find photographers and interview them?

No, it’s only hard to keep up with it all!! Haha, there are so many amazing photographers out there and there’s so much to learn from all of them. I can’t wait to keep interviewing people because I truly learn a little bit more from each and every one.

I often get suggestions e-mailed to me by David, Chris, or Aaron at Phlearn, by fans, or by photographers contacting me themselves.

You seem to share a lot of somewhat personal information to your Flickr followers, do you feel that it makes you closer to your audience?

I think so. I mean when I’m putting things out there, I don’t feel super conscious of what I’m doing in the sense that I’m not thinking “should I put this up? Can I? I just post and write what I feel, all the time now.

I think it maybe comes from how I began to start posting things on Flickr. With my diagnosis of cancer I uploaded a photo of what happened that day, with a little blurb explaining everything. I wrote the good, the bad, and I even uploaded a picture of my piss in a jug. I don’t really care. :P

I am also just a very open person in general, so that’s probably why I’m like that too.

Being a member of an online community can make you a lot of friends and can also make you some haters, tell us about your experience, your favorite people that you came to know through the internet

I feel like I am a child of the internet. I don’t even know where I would be today if it wasn’t for all of the things we have access to today.  I have met an INCREDIBLE amount of amazing people all over the world thanks to Flickr mostly. Some of these people I have been friends with for years and years, since I joined flickr in 2009.

One day I want to meet everyone who I’ve connected with online. I would love to meet Natalie Harding, Sarah Allegra, Eddie Sebastian, Joel Robison, Sarah Ann Loreth, Elizabeth Gadd, HandyPandyAndy, Rob Cornelius, Myke (Hummer Commander on Flickr), You!!!! and seriously so so so many others.

I haven’t had really any bad experiences with “haters”. I’m relatively good at brushing things off if that happens anyways :) 

I can’t be done with this interview without asking you about the self portrait inside the fridge, Why? lol


Well, I was moving out of that place I was living in back in 2012, so I had to clean everything in the apartment. The rooms, the floors, the oven, and the fridge. Once I took out all of the shelves I was amazed at how big the fridge actually was and decided to see if I could fit in there. When I realized that I did I jumped up and down, got my camera and tripod took off my clothes and got in the fridge.

I thought it would look cool.


Any new projects coming up?

Yes! Always.

I don’t know if I want to talk about all of them, but I did a shoot with my friend Samantha Hefford who you’ve all seen many times before, and that came out great! Doing another shoot with model Poison Ivy tomorrow and I have a shoot with a model Persepherone Bleeds this week too. Things are planned going into September-October as well, so I am very excited!

Find Angela at: 

Interview with Kevin Conor Keller

Kevin Conor Keller is a father of two adorable children, a creative photographer and a graphic designer. Kevin takes incredibly unique photos of his children, blending away children’s playfulness and innocence along with natural elements to create a single photograph that looks like a child’s beautiful day dream…
I had the opportunity to ask Kevin few questions, so lets get to know him together shall we…    

Introduce yourself

 My name is Kevin Conor Keller, part occultist, part mystic, full time dad. Only two of those are true. 
How long have you been doing photography?
 Early 2008 is when I bought my first camera, a Sony DSC-H5. 

What type of camera do you use?
 Currently I own a Canon 60d.


What is your ideal camera (doesn’t have to be real)
 I never really thought about what my ideal camera would be. Maybe a lightweight waterproof full frame mirror less with a huge sensor, fast lens, and a higher/faster frame rate. I’m more than happy with what I have now though. 

If you had to choose one lens what would it be?
Probably a 35mm; it’s versatile, works great in pretty much every situation, and is fast. It’s the perfect grab and go lens.

Do you prefer natural light or flash?
 I love natural light, but I’m not opposed to using strobes, I just prefer to carry the least amount of equipment possible. 

Indoors or outdoors?

 Outdoors, outdoors, and outdoors.

I’ve noticed that one of your favorite models are actually small children! how do you guide them through the shoot? how can you get them to do what you want?
  My son Avin and my daughter Evie are my two wonderfully terrible yet awesome subjects. Parents, or those that work with children know that asking one of them to stand still for a photograph rarely goes as planned, so instead of trying to get my kids to do exactly what I want, I lead them to a general area and let them pose/jump/run/wander/whatever on their own terms. I just hold the camera and keep my finger on the shutter button. My son, now 6, is starting to understand the process more and more each day which makes going out and taking photos that much easier.

Who do you think is overrated as a photographer or model?
 Everyone, including myself.

you do more than just photography, you design t-shirts as well tell us about that?
 Indeed, before I picked up a camera I worked at a screen printing studio as a graphic designer working on shirt designs, websites, and print projects for an insane amount of clients, mostly within the music industry but not limited to. Since then I still do freelance graphic design work alongside photography. Creatively, I don’t think that I would be able to have one without the other.

You seem like a multi-talented person, yet I’m sure there’s at least one thing you can’t do..
 I don’t know how to cook… yet.

What advice would you give multi talented people to be more focused at their work? (since you do so much along with photography) 
 Be mindful of your creativity and listen to what it tells you because inspired work will always be your best work. If creativity is tapping you on the shoulder, take it by the hand and don’t ask any questions.

where do you find yourself the most? photography or design?
 As a stay at home dad of two young animals, time is a tool that has to be used very wisely. I find myself primarily doing photography because it provides me with a two birds, one stone scenario. It allows me to scratch the creative itch and run wild with the animals at the same time. 

How does it feel to see somebody wear a t-shirt you designed?

 It’s embarrassing, awkward, exciting, humbling, strange and a few other feelings all at the same time. It’s amazing that there are those who acknowledge that my work is good enough to be worn on a shirt or hung on a wall, but there are also times where the whole idea of such seems ridiculous and I wish that I kept all of my work to myself.

Tell us about

 Shuttrr was as idea I had to create an invite only social network of photographers. I really didn’t have a reason why other than the want to create something potentially important to those who use it. With the help of a programmer friend, we quickly had something up within days and started handpicking and inviting people to join. For fear of creating something similar to a myspace cess pool, we kept the membership invite only. We ended up with a small but decent and quickly growing group of great photographers sharing work/information/knowledge. Unfortunately, with a wave of server crashes later, a database lost, and bugs we couldn’t keep up with, we allowed the ship to sink. No joy.

 Walk us through your creative process ( from coming up with the idea until it’s fully executed) 
Most of the time my creative process could be similar to playing russian roulette, or maybe a roulette wheel, either or. Once in a blue moon I’ll have a light bulb moment and have a clear concept on what I want. Either way, the process is still a lot of trial and error, some struggle, more work, sleep, wake up, more struggle, and then it’s finished and you look at it and have no idea how it happened. Some days are easier. 

What type of photography do you find challenging? 
 I find formal photography to be a bit challenging, especially when shooting weddings. I prefer to shoot candidly, and without interfering or asking too much from the subjects. Formalities are usually forced, and an attempt at perfection which to me isn’t as beautiful as imperfection.

Describe your favorite image taken by you. 
 I haven’t seen it yet.

Who do you look up to as a photographer?
I look up to anyone who can consistently come up with amazing work that stands out among the rest. Those who create for the sake of creating and nothing else. Those who see the beauty in things that I have yet to see or may have overlooked.

Describe your favorite image taken by another photographer.
 I enjoy so many from all sorts of artists/photographers, but if I had to choose one it would be this photo by Lauren Rosenbaum. It has so much movement and emotion yet is incredibly simple and naturalistic. It says so much without having to say much at all.

If you could be anything other than a photographer what would you be?
 Probably working in the forestry industry or similar, or a journalist. I enjoy writing a lot but have never taken it past the point of “weekend hobby”. 

What are you still learning? 
 Still and will always be learning everything, even when it feels like I’m not. 

If you can photograph anyone or anything in the world who/what would it be?
 Any of the pyramids in Egypt or Central America, or my kids hanging out on a glacier in Iceland.

What movie/play/book/ music inspire you?
 I have more books than anything else and I am continuously inspired by them. I enjoy a good story from any genre or age category, fiction or non fiction. I have a good/bad habit of reading a lot of books in the same period of time, which can range from poetry by Shel Silverstein to backyard gardening to mysticism. Everything has to do with everything.

What inspires you the most?
 The unconditional love that nature provides for everything in existence. It is an ultimate truth that we have yet to fully comprehend or even become aware of. Each and every moment that brings me closer to that truth is always inspiring. 
How can you describe your style?
I haven’t given much thought to style in my work. Abstract?

Did photography change you? Your vision? The way you see the world? 
Of course! How could it not? Every new image, every new creation shows me something I haven’t seen before. Even the tiniest of realizations can cause you to wake up to a new truth/perspective/understanding of the world. 

If you had magical powers (breath underwater/fly/be invisible) what kind of pictures would you be taking?
 I suppose that would depend on how deep I can swim or how high I can fly. If I was invisible I would find out what my cats do while I’m out of the house. Is my camera also invisible?

How would people describe you?
 Stubborn, probably.  

It seems that nature and outdoors plays a big roll in your photography atmosphere  is that right?
 Indeed it does. Nature is everything. As a species we tend to create conveniences for our lives in spite of nature, instead of creating ways to live with it. It would be a shame for any child not to know the joys of walking barefoot in mud, or scraping a knee while climbing a tree, or picking wildflowers in a field, or any of the other infinite things one can do outside whilst wild and free. That freedom is a necessity to living happily with nature. Hippie much?

And you have a thing for humming birds…
 Small but mighty and beautiful creatures they are.

Can you share a before and after with us?
Absolutely. Here is my latest manipulation. 

Do you watch any photoshop tutorials or read any books? if so, please link
 Rarely do I watch or read any tutorials about photoshop or anything art related. My best learning (from reading or watching videos) comes from focusing more on the theory side of the spectrum, and not so much the technical side. The technical stuff I sort of figure out as I go, or from watching someone else do it in person. My mind tends to function in a non-linear kind of way especially when it comes to creativity, and step by step tutorials tend to work best when your mind is in linear mode, and I haven’t found that mode yet. 

When you first started using photoshop what was the most challenging thing for you to learn?
Keyboard shortcuts, menu options, and tool memorization. Workflow plays a huge part in the process of creating anything, especially so on a computer. It was frustrating knowing what I wanted Photoshop to do, but not knowing where that tool or option was. 

Would you let me interview you again?
 Always and forever.
Find Kevin at : WebsiteFlickr 


Visual artist Noell S. Oszvald

Noell S. Oszvald is a self-taught visual artist and photographer from Budapest, Hungary. although Noell doesn’t like to be referred to as a photographer, she uses photography as a base for the images she creates. She became an internet sensation for her captivating creations.
 Her dream like images are so powerful, surreal yet very simple and sophisticated, she captures the simplicity of basic composition, allowing herself and her surroundings to blend beautifully even with the lack of colors she’s able to produce art that everyone can relate to .“I don’t want to tell people what to see in my images. This is the reason why I never really write any descriptions other than titles. It shows what I wish to express but everyone is free to figure out what the picture says to them. It’s very interesting to read so many different thoughts about the same piece of work.”
Claudia Moscovici  once wrote about her work saying “A sense of harmony with our surroundings that doesn’t place human beings on top, but rather as one with nature.” 
to know more about Noell, read below… 

Who has inspire you the most in terms of photography?
Director, screenwriter Ingmar Bergman.

Do you think that you have your own personal signature ?

I would like to think that I finally found my own voice.

Most of your photos are simple, effective and black and white, would you call that your signature?

I suppose you could. This is the only way I’m comfortable creating art.

What scares you the most?

I’m a very anxious type of person, so many things scare me. The most scared I’m of is probably the future.
Whats your favorite locations to shoot at?
Most of the time I use my own room to make my images.

Do you prefer indoor or out door photography?

It depends on where I can find a suitable place for a picture, but I think I prefer to create indoor.

Do you recommend any websites for photoshop tutorials?

I can’t, I’m sorry. I’ve never used any of those, I like to figure these things out myself.
What is your favorite photo taken by another photographer?
It’s not a photo. It’s scene from the film, Wild Strawberries by Ingmar Bergman.

What is your favorite photo taken by you?
It has to be Silence or Thoughts.

Do you think its hard to be unique and have your own style in photography? how do you manage to stay creative? 

It’s difficult to get there, but once you manage to find your own voice it gets somewhat easier, because you know what you want to see in your images.

Is fame important to you?

Absolutely not. I obviously want people to discover my art and follow my journey as an artist, but as a person I don’t wish to be popular. I share very little about myself. I want my pictures to speak for themselves while I’m staying in the shadows.

When you first started at photography, what were the mistakes you made a lot?

I tried to imitate other artists’, not finding my own style. So many bad pieces I had in my portfolio and I’ve always felt uncomfortable about them. I’m now thankful for this feeling, because it helped me find the right path.

Any new project you’re working on?

Yes, on a sculpture. It’s difficult, but I hope I can finish it soon.

What frustrates you the most about the world of photography?

I’d like to be accepted as a visual artist. I don’t claim to be a photographer. I edit my pictures, I build props for them, I draw or paint on them. I use photography as a base for the art I create. It’d give me a sense of freedom, the feeling that I’m allowed to take a picture and make it into something else. 

What kind of photography gear do you use? ( camera, lenses, computer, tablet)?

My first camera was a starter Canon dslr, now I have a Lumix Lx7 and I bought a medium format film camera last year. I want to experiment with it in the future.

Your Flickr portfolio only contains 8 photos, how come?

I don’t want to include my first pictures into my portfolio, I really want to forget those. These very few images are what I have right now and I hope to make more.

Noell’s Facebook pageFlickrPortfolio 

Potographer Sasha O Interview

Sasha O 

 Very talented, creative photographer with a long - hard to pronounce- last name,

Sasha has an interesting take on self portraits that will leave you inspired!

wanna know more? well, keep reading… 

Introduce yourself
I’m Sasha O (short from Oleksiichuk, as no one can read or pronounce my last name correctly J ), 24 y.o. at the moment (feel myself like 20), proud to be Ukrainian, currently live in Belgium.

How long have you been doing photography?

I bought my first camera in 2008, started as a hobby, but it dragged me deep inside for the rest of my life.

What type of camera do you use? 
Canon 5D Mark III


What is your ideal camera (doesn’t have to be real)

The one that could make exact same picture like in my head with pressing one button. 

If you had to choose one lens what would it be?

85mm 1.2. I love the depth of field it creates.


Do you prefer natural light or flash?

I use more natural light right now, but plan to get used to strobes.

Indoors or outdoors?
Both. All depends on location.


Who do you think is overrated as a photographer or model?

I think none. As you can get great result only when both a model and photographer work together, understand each other and do their own job the best they can. 


Do you like using actions? 
I do use actions, mostly my own, to speed up work. But I also like actions from Michael Woloszynowicz, as he is really great photographer and retoucher. 

Describe your favorite image taken by you. 

I haven’t taken yet my favorite picture. It’s still in the future.

Describe your favorite image taken by another photographer. 
There is too many such images. Hard to pick one.

If you could be anything other than a photographer what would you be?

I’d play cello. My favorite instrument.

What was the hardest thing you learned in photoshop?

The hardest thing was and still is skin retouching. I still can’t get the result I want.

If you can photograph anyone or anything in the world who/what would it be?

I’d photograph famous people or the Earth from the space.

What movie/play/book/ music inspire you?

It’s my favorite movie Amelie. Also Tarantino movies, as he always has great lighting. And all music that I like inspires me.

What inspires you the most?

Different things around like random rope, sea shells, paint, snails, shadows, food. Can be location, weather, my dreams.

Name few of your favorite photographers 

Except such well known as Richard AvedonAnnie Leibovitz and Joey L I like works of  Oleg OpriscoKirsty MitchellRob WoodcoxMiss AnielaRobby CavanaughCristina Otero, Anita Anti, Lorenzo Invernici. They all inspire me a lot.


How can you describe your style?

I don’t have one style yet, but what I like to shoot it’s portraits, conceptual, fine art.

Did photography change you? Your vision? The way you see the world?

 Definitely. Now it doesn’t matter what I do, where I go, what I see, I think in ‘photography mode’. I notice lights and shadows, colors, texture that would be beautiful for picture, I look on some things and I automatically think how I can use it in photos. I can’t simply watch a movie without reaction ‘Oh, this is a great shot’. And I love it.

If you had magical powers (breath underwater/fly/be invisible) what kind of pictures would you be taking?

Underwater photos.

If you could meet with any famous person dead or alive who would it be? What would you say or do?

Joey L. I’d take a picture of him.

If your life was turned into a movie what kind would it be? How long would it last? And who’s going to play your character?

It’d be comedy, drama, romantic movie, for 2 hours with Lucy Hale.

How would people describe you?
I have no idea, as what people and I think about myself can be different things.

You created a beautiful series ( No face) how did it all start?

It was not finished idea from the beginning. Sometimes I have days when I don’t want to shoot my face, but I still need to make a picture. So I looked around at home for objects that I could hide my face with. As I planned to make images for few days. Something different, but that would work together. And not to make exact same picture I used different walls, with different window light, but made the same crop. And only when I finished I saw that they can be like a gradient – from lighter to darker one. Sometimes the idea evolves in the process. 

Your photos seem playful and humorous at times, romantic and soft at times, is that your personality peeking through your work?

Yes. I think my personal mood shows a lot in my pictures even when I don’t realize it. I can make dark moody portraits for days, and then suddenly bright and soft.

Who are your biggest supporters?

My boyfriend and my best friend. They always support me no matter what and believe in me more than I in myself. Without my boyfriend I’d drop 365 at the beginning. He also helps to take some of my self-portraits.

Did photography play a roll on your make up skills?

Yes, as with photography I can make some weird, unusual things, experiment, what normally I’d not wear as a make up for everyday. And I can’t ask some make up artists everyday, so I have to do it by myself.

Everyday you come up with a creative concept, how do you keep producing ideas?
To be honestly I don’t know how. I’m always afraid that magic jar of ideas will be empty one day.

Tell us about your veggie series, did you just wake up one day thinking I’m gonna wear a tomato crown? 

 I was chatting with my photographer friend Martina Dorkinova , first about lack of ideas, then about food. I mentioned that I’m gonna cook an eggplant, and she challenged me to take a photo with eggplant. After eggplant I wanted to try other colors and I was playing with face expressions to make it more funny.

What do you enjoy the most in the process of creating a photo?

Usually it’s shooting and that moment when I get good picture I was looking for. But sometimes it’s retouching, as I get sometimes interesting result from a simple image.

Which photo was the hardest to create?

I think the one with yellow flowers. Not so much because of concept, but editing. As I was shooting with one single flower and with natural light, it took me few hours to pick and place flowers, correct their brightness, edges and other details. But with the hardest photos you learn the most.

Do you watch photoshop tutorials, or read books about photography? if so tell us about it

I’m a big fan of Phlearn and Aaron Nace. Also I watch tutorials of Vibrant Shot (of Michael Woloszynowicz), Creative LiveNatalia Taffarel. Good tips has Karl Taylor, And I like to watch documentary videos about famous photographers. Recently I’ve finished to read a book about food photography – to learn and try something new, and I have books of other favorite photographers.

Would you let me interview you again? 

Of course. After I get better in photography and make more great images.

Find Sasha : FacebookFlickrWebsite

Photographer Anna Theodora Interview

Anna Theodora 

 I’m not sure I can put a label on Anna, given my experience with her I’d say one of the most humble, down to earth ridiculously talented photographers I know!

I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to ask her few questions and share them with you guys,

Introduce yourself 

Well, my name is Anna Theodora, I’m a Brazilian photographer. I’ve been doing photography as a hobby since 2007, but started working as a photographer in July 2010. 

When I started I was using a Canon T1i, now I use a Canon 5D Mark ll.

What is your ideal camera (doesn’t have to be real)
That would be one with the same dynamic range of the human eye 

If you had to choose one lens what would it be?
probably the 35 mm 1.4

Do you prefer natural light or flash?
I actually like working with both, even though I’ve been working with strobes for one year only.

Indoors or outdoors?

Self portraits or models?

You are very attractive and expressive in your self portrait, have you ever thought about modelling for somebody else?
I don’t think there are many photographers that like to pose for other photographers haha I most of all, don’t like to.

Do you like working with models? Can you name your favorite model?
I love working with models, it’s usually lots of fun. But I don’t have one favorite model, there are quite a few that I love working with.

Who do you think is overrated as a photographer or model?
I don’t usually think of these things, but then I remembered there’s this Terrence Richardson person… 

Do you like using actions?
Yes, I always use actions :)

Describe your favorite image taken by you. 
I can never pick one single absolute favorite for anything haha everything has some kind of emotion or memory attached to it.

Describe your favorite image taken by another photographer. 
Same here

Do you like shooting weddings?
Nope, I shot a few in 2010 and decided that’s not what I wanted to do.

If you could be anything other than a photographer what would you be?
a writer, maybe…

Do you read any photoshop related books/ articles or watch any online tutorials, if so please link to them
It has been a long time since I read anything, but I learned a lot from Natalia Taffarel's dvd on skin retouch.

What are you still learning? 

Did photography effect your fashion and style? 
It sure did haha I’ve started to be a little more aware of how to style myself. 

you’ve recently dyed your lushes brown locks to icy ones and then blue, what a daring move, tell us about that,
I had never done anything to my hair, so I decided I should, before I get too old to be fooling around with my hair like that. It was also obviously for photos/self-portraits, but then I got super busy with work and didn’t have much time to take self-portraits. Bummer :(

it also seems like the change of your hair color had effected the “mood” of your self portraits 
I felt free 

If you can photograph anyone or anything in the world who/what would it be?
I would really love to photograph the whole world haha I love traveling. And there are also quite a few models that I would love to work with one day. Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne are two of them.

 What inspires you the most? 

Music inspires me the most, but books and movies too… and arts as well.

Who inspires you the most?
I never have just one source of inspiration, there’s a lot of talented and inspiring people around.

How can you describe your style?  
Some people have said that there’s a kind of innocence in the sensuality I picture. And a little bit of a sense of "laissez faire, laissez aller, laissez passer" 

If you had magical powers (breath underwater/fly/be invisible) what kind of pictures would you be taking?
I had always wanted to be able to fly. I’d be taking some crazy landscape pictures.

If someone asked you how can i be you, what would your answer be? 
Why the hell would you want to be anybody else other than your best self?

Follow Anna’s — Flickr  — Twitter — Instagramblog — buy prints here

Intervew with Adnan Nawaz Khan

Feel like going on a trip?

I came across this photographer for a while now, It’s not really like me to follow street style photographers but once you see the photos you’ll understand.

Here we go 

- Introduce yourself.

Hi I am adnan, born and raised in Pakistan, lived for some time in london and currently in Netherlands.

- How did you find your passion for photography?

I have the curse or blessing whatever you like to name it , of having an observant eye, I am always noticing things around me, simplest things attract me and I always like to document things around me, I got a chance to work with few fashion photographers and that’s when I really started it as a hobby, gradually I started doing architectural shots since you know how rich the city is with its glorious build.

- Going through your photos I really felt like I was travelling with you, how do you make sure you “capture” the right moment?

At times it just happens in a blink of eye really, I end up capturing things as I witness them, at times I would see a perfect corner for a photo opportunity but would wait for people to walk by so I can make them part of my story, for me my pictures are a way of telling my story and my journey, it’s a simple thing but I know if you keep things simple and just put them across , people can take it from there . I leave a lot for imagination and it creates a sense of journey for the viewers.

- While travelling do you find yourself reaching for your DSLR or your Iphone more often?

I am guilty as charged for reaching out to my iphone, it has become my go to gear, it’s just fast, and for the kind of style I have it’s all about capturing moments as they happen and in light speed really.

- What was your favorite place to photograph?

so far Rotterdam and Breda have been fascinating here. But apart from them i love photographing London.

- Are you strictly a Street style photographer or do you see yourself doing other types of photography (composites) for example?

I actually did experiment a lot, I tried doing conceptual shots since there always are ideas running around through my head but somehow street style is what I love doing .

- Who inspires you in terms of photography?
I am an indecisive person, lots of things inspire me, many people , friends , colleagues and obviously renowned artists and their work, I can’t really name any one specifically, I like looking at and learning from anything or anyone that inspires me.

- Where inspires you in life?
Oh, my mother the most I guess. She is a balance of everything amazing about life.

- You seem to be a book lover, what is your favorite book ?
choosing a book would be like choosing between breathing without oxygen. The kite runner, raja gidh (in my native language urdu), Alchemist and Khalil jibran’s the prophet are to name a few.

- What music do you like to listen to?
I am into sufi music, but I really can listen to anything at all , depends on what kind of mindset I am  in.

- Who are your biggest supporters?
Well,I guess my friends and family obviously.

- Not so long ago you were added to instagram suggestion list, tell us about that?

 yes, that was a opportunity that came my way after my picture was selected from the world insta meet held for the Amsterdam region, it felt good to be acknowledged like that.

- Do you have any tips for travelling with gear?
Always travel light, don’t go for fancy gear , know your absolute strengths first and choose accordingly.

- How long have you been doing Europe Diaries?

It’s been half an year almost, I started soon after I arrived last year.

- You also created karachi diaries, how in love are you with your culture?
Very much, culture defines who we are, and being part of Karachi, the biggest multicultural urban city is amazing, you get to witness an outburst of cultures and traditions with mix of everything modern and in between as well.

- Is there any other diary your planning to start in the future?
I do have some collaborative work planned, you’ll have to bird watch my instagram to know about that.

- If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you do?
After Europe i would love to explore south american countries, specially Peru to explore the ruins of Machu Picchu.

- You happen to paint as well as you photograph, have you ever thought about combining these two skills together ( like use stylus pen and photoshop to draw over your photographs)?  

Yes, I have tried doing that  and I am planning on something but I wont give that away right now.

- Have you made any online “photography” friends?
A lot, that’s the best part about all of these social platforms that you get to meet like minded people with crazy talent, I have made amazing friends all around the globe and learned a lot from them as well. 

- How did photography change your life?

I think it widened my thought process more, it makes me think and challenge myself as to how I can improve more, it’s a competitive world, I like to push my self and do better each day than before. Also the people I’ve met and the experiences I shared with them have been life altering in most cases.

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